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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Definitions for panivorous

  1. subsisting on bread; bread-eating.

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Citations for panivorous
But the people who persevered in their panivorous propensities, accused the emperor of selling our corn to the English. Joseph Fouché, translated from the French, The Memoirs of Joseph Fouché, 1825
…a measure of thrice-winnowed corn, whereof every grain has its separate existence, secured in a casket of club-exclusiveness, like the Crown jewels behind their iron-grating in the Tower, or Thompsonianly speaking, like the daily bread behind the barred windows of a boulanger in the panivorous kingdom of France. Catherine Gore, Sketches of English Character, 1846
Origin of panivorous
Panivorous is formed from Latin term pānis, "bread," and -vorous, an adjectival combining form meaning "eating, gaining sustenance from." It entered English in the 1820s.