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Friday, November 28, 2014

Definitions for tiffin

  1. to eat lunch.
  2. to provide lunch for; serve lunch to.
  3. lunch.

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Citations for tiffin
…they fell upon the comestibles in a manner which astonished the people of the tea-house where they tiffined, and the villagers who, according to long-established custom, came to lounge about and stare at them, and who were filled with wonder at seeing such a formidable assembly of 'foreign fools,' which is their not too polite term for Europeans. Annie Carruthers, The Pet of the Consulate, 1882
There must have been two or three men passing by to whom the announcement meant the loss of every penny of their savings--comforting knowledge to digest after tiffin. Rudyard Kipling, "Some Earthquakes," Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling: Letters of Travel, 1920
Origin of tiffin
Tiffin is thought to be a variant of tiffing. It entered English in the late 1700s.