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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Definitions for subfuscous

  1. slightly dark, dusky, or somber.

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Citations for subfuscous
To add inanity to injury, he also began struggling—when friends and schoolmates sniffed out telltale odors of rebellion upon his person—to pass off his increasingly subfuscous wardrobe and squalorous digs as a matter of style... David James Duncan, The Brothers K, 1992
This subfuscous place appeared cold and desolate. I quickly realized that the rehab unit was the discarded area of the hospital that hadn't been considered during the renovation of the new wing. Kimberly Faye, Memoir of A Broken Brain: Falling Down and Getting Up Gracefully, 2011
Origin of subfuscous
Subfuscous entered English in the mid-1700s from the Latin subfuscus.