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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Definitions for edutainment

  1. television programs, movies, books, etc., that are both educational and entertaining, especially those intended primarily for children in the elementary grades.

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Citations for edutainment
In the flesh, he looked like one of those poised, balding experts who sit on New England porch swings in autumn answering questions for edutainment TV in maddeningly soft, self-assured voices. Richard Powers, The Echo Maker, 2006
Ultra Business Tycoon III, another game by Porpentine, begins as a parody of an “edutainment” game from the 1990s — complete with its own antiquated shareware code. Laura Hudson, "Twine, the Video-Game Technology for All," New York Times Magazine, November 19, 2014
Origin of edutainment
Edutainment is a portmanteau of education and entertainment. This Americanism entered English in the 1980s.