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Monday, December 22, 2014

Definitions for rubricate

  1. to mark or color with red.
  2. to furnish with or regulate by rubrics.

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Citations for rubricate
All 'blue-blacks' were an abomination to my Daemon, and I never found a bottled vermilion fit to rubricate initials when one hung in the wind waiting. Rudyard Kipling, Something of Myself for My Friends Known and Unknown, 1937
...You'll rubricate the hour you find him. You'll leap gladsomely in the air. You'll sing a roundelay. S.S. Van Dine, The Canary Murder Case, 1927
Origin of rubricate
Rubricate came to English in the mid-1500s from the Latin rūbrīcāre meaning "to color red."