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Friday, December 26, 2014

Definitions for moosemilk

  1. Canadian. homemade or bootleg whiskey.
  2. Canadian. a cocktail of whiskey or rum and milk.

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Citations for moosemilk
My first drink was dad's moose milk. That's what he called it. Moose milk on accounta he brewed it so it come out kinda foggy lookin' in the glass. White, kinda, a watery lookin' white. Richard Wagamese, Ragged Company, 2008
Murph was grinning and gripping his cup of moosemilk tightly. Alvin Kernan, Crossing the Line: A Bluejacket's Odyssey in World War II, 1994
Origin of moosemilk
Moosemilk is a Canadian term that entered English in the early 1900s.