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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Definitions for cogitation

  1. concerted thought or reflection; meditation; contemplation: After hours of cogitation he came up with a new proposal.
  2. the faculty of thinking: She was a serious student and had a great power of cogitation.
  3. a thought; design or plan: to jot down one's cogitations.

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Citations for cogitation
How could I suggest anything, do you think I know what I have in mind, the captain responded whimsically after long cogitation, shaking his head for emphasis. Péter Nádas, translated by Imre Goldstein, Parallel Stories, 2011
Out of the soil of strenuous cogitation, which is the engine of holy inspiration, and which you Karaites demean as mere contradiction, burst the sweet buds of Conduct and Conscience. Cynthia Ozick, Heir to the Glimmering World, 2004
Origin of cogitation
Cogitation is derived from the Middle English word cogitaciun. The suffix -ion denotes action or conditions, as in opinion.