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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Definitions for Babelism

  1. a confusion, as of ideas, speech, etc.

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Citations for Babelism
Her "babelism," as Claudine, who finds her wildly amusing, calls it, and her carefully cultivated gibberish, attract attention like an additional charm. Colette, translated by Antonia White, Claudine and Annie, 1903
Indeed all of these bodies of work materialize the idea of "babelism," a kind of scrambled opacity, which Ferrari identified in the early 1960s and which really sums up his entire poetic oeuvre... Luis Pérez-Oramas, León Ferrari and Mira Schendel: Tangled Alphabets, 2009
Origin of Babelism
Babelism emerged in the late 1700s from the word Babel, which refers both to a Biblical city and to "a confused mixture of sounds or voices."