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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Definitions for cabotage

  1. navigation or trade along the coast.
  2. Aviation. the legal restriction to domestic carriers of air transport between points within a country's borders.

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Citations for cabotage
But when the Japanese ship finished unloading at Seattle, it was forbidden to engage in cabotage, that is, it could not pick up either cargo or passengers in Seattle and carry them to some other American port, say San Francisco. James A. Michener, Alaska, 1988
I prayed on this small satisfaction while Stephen White gave orders to our hands, a few mean boys of Berwick Village who cared nothing for our crime so long as they were paid, putting bony shoulders to the paddles as we made down inlets and bayous from their town to the Atchafalaya Bay and then by cabotage along the coast to that final spit of sand and writhing root. Kent Wascom, The Blood of Heaven, 2013
Origin of cabotage
Cabotage entered English in the 1820s. It is derived from the French word caboter, meaning "to sail coastwise."