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Monday, February 09, 2015

Definitions for peacock

  1. to make a vainglorious display; strut like a peacock.
  2. the male of the peafowl distinguished by its long, erectile, greenish, iridescent tail coverts that are brilliantly marked with ocellated spots and that can be spread in a fan.
  3. any peafowl.

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Citations for peacock
…he must have passed for a rich man when he peacocked about the town in his shaggy purple gown with gold buttons and hoop lace. Katharine Burrill, "Letters of a Peer and a Pork-Packer," Chambers's Journal, Volume VI, 1903
He peacocks in all his Seventies finery--glitter in his hair, a rhinestone-studded silver suit and as much jewelry as human fingers can hold. Rob Sheffield, "The Rhinestone Closet," Rolling Stone, May 26, 2013
Origin of peacock
Peacock is formed from the now-obsolete word pea meaning "peafowl," and cock meaning "a male of the gallinaceous kind" or "rooster." It entered English at the turn of the 13th century as a noun, and began to be used as a verb in the late 1500s.