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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Definitions for pigsney

  1. Obsolete. a darling.
  2. Obsolete. an eye.

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Citations for pigsney
Why didst thou not take me away before her, seeing for me to live, without her, is but to languish? Ah! Badebec, Badebec, my minion, my dear heart, my pigsney, my duck, my honey, my little coney… François Rabelais, The Works of Francis Rabelais, translated by Thomas Urquhart, 1653
As I believe, the pigsney of his heart, / Know he's in health, and what's more, full of glee... Philip Massinger, The Picture, 1630
Origin of pigsney
Pigsney comes from the Middle English term piggesnye meaning literally "pig's eye." The term entered English in the mid-1300s.