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Monday, February 23, 2015

Definitions for brolly

  1. British Informal. an umbrella.

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Citations for brolly
There are several ways for a large-bodied young man with a blue-and-white bookmaker's brolly to get out of a small car in pelting rain. John Le Carré, The Tailor of Panama, 1996
I would get up from my chair, put on my raincoat and my straw hat, take my umbrella--my brolly--and set off on this long and lonely trek. Roald Dahl, "Galloping Foxley," Someone Like You, 1953
Origin of brolly
Brolly is an alteration of the word umbrella. It entered English in the late 1800s and picked up the additional sense "a parachute" in the early 1900s.