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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Definitions for inutile

  1. of no use or service.

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Citations for inutile
There was an elevated sluiceway, part wood, part concrete: porous, pocked, inutile, filled with silt and more debris. John McPhee, "A Reporter at Large: Minihydro," The New Yorker, February 23, 1981
Allow me a further digression: another icon of the London streets is the police box, a blue booth about the size of a telephone box (itself yet another London icon, now utterly inutile). Will Self, "Fare Grounds," New York Times Magazine, November 28, 2012
Origin of inutile
late Middle English
Inutile comes from the Latin term ūtilis meaning "useful" with the negative prefix in-. It entered English in the 1400s.
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