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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Definitions for variorum

  1. containing different versions of the text by various editors: a variorum edition of Shakespeare.
  2. containing many notes and commentaries by a number of scholars or critics: a variorum text of Cicero.
  3. a variorum edition or text.

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Citations for variorum
The “Callas Remastered” lineup reproduces Callas’s complete studio recordings, omitting nothing, while live material has been rigorously excluded. As it turns out, the conceptual logic gives the package a strange inconsistency—and a whiff of the variorum. Matthew Gurewitsch, "La Divina Goes High-Def," Wall Street Journal, December 17, 2014
At one time or another, I’ve held every Crane manuscript in my hands. We don’t have a variorum edition for Crane, though it would be a fascinating volume. We’re in a different age. No one would print such a volume now. Harold Bloom in conversation with Adam Fitzgerald, "The Anatomy of Influence: An interview With Harold Bloom," Boston Review, April 1, 2011
Origin of variorum
Variorum is short for the Latin phase ēditiō cum notīs variōrum meaning "edition with the notes of various persons." It came to English in the 1700s.