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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Definitions for sastruga

  1. Usually, sastrugi. ridges of snow formed on a snowfield by the action of the wind.

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Citations for sastruga
And then we ended up just outside the station, on the empty plateau, to watch a sastruga grow. In the winters, great windstorms sculpt these sastrugi into magnificent forms that can be ten feet high. Gabrielle Walker, Antarctica: An Intimate Portrait of a Mysterious Continent, 2013
But in many places they had built snow cairns or left some sign for us; once, Zoe had written on the lee side of a ten-foot sastruga, just as children write on the sand of the beach at Miraflores… Ursula K. Le Guin, "Sur," The New Yorker, February 1, 1982
Origin of sastruga
dialectal Russian
Sastruga is derived from the Russian term zastrugát meaning “to plane, shave down (wood).” It entered English in the mid-1800s.