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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Definitions for beamish

  1. bright, cheerful, and optimistic.

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Citations for beamish
"…I should simply adore seeing myself in a play," sighed Mary. “Well, you never will,” Madeline assured her blandly. “Not while you call me 'my child,' and patronize me instead of my tea shop.” Mary listened, wearing her beamish smile. Margaret Warde, Betty Whale Decides, 1911
The son of Sidney Gross of Danziger and Gross, Sidney is a short fresh-faced crinkle-haired boy with the bright beamish look... Walker Percy, The Moviegoer, 1961
Origin of beamish
Beamish came to English in the 1500s from the noun beam, which in turn derives from the Old English bēam meaning "tree, post, ray of light."