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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Definitions for gibber

  1. to speak inarticulately or meaninglessly.
  2. to speak foolishly; chatter.
  3. gibbering utterance.

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Citations for gibber
Representation gets a bad rap. Its inadequacy is inbuilt; it’s doomed to fail us; the thing it strives to capture and communicate endlessly eludes it. But it’s what we have, so we use our crude visual and verbal tools to circumscribe, gibber, and gesture. Cassie Packard, "Martha Rosler Tackles the Problem of Representation," Hyperallergic, October 16, 2014
He knew instantly something was wrong. Perhaps it wasn't that insightful; I was carving things into the kitchen table with a teaspoon. But, when I'd managed to gibber out what was wrong, he had an answer. Verity Johnson, "Verity Johnson: How Inspector Morse taught me about sensitive men and libraries," New Zealand Herald, December 27, 2014
Origin of gibber
Gibber entered English around 1600 and is of uncertain origin. It is perhaps related to the obsolete word gib meaning "caterwaul, to utter long wailing cries."