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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Definitions for furtherance

  1. the act of furthering; promotion; advancement.

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Citations for furtherance
If you asked me what were the best possible organisation for the Men of Letters in modern society; the arrangement of furtherance and regulation, grounded the most accurately on the actual facts of their position and of the world's position,—I should beg to say that the problem far exceeded my faculty! Thomas Carlyle, “The Hero as Man of Letters,” On Heroes, Hero-worship and the Heroic in History, 1840
...those who sided with him, had been anxious to entrap their witness into contradictions and absurdities, for the furtherance of their own object... Anthony Trollope, He Knew He Was Right, 1869
Origin of furtherance
late Middle English
Furtherance came to English in the 1400s from the late Middle English fortheraunce.