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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Definitions for pepper-upper

  1. Informal. something, as a food, beverage, or pill, that provides a quick but temporary period of energy and alertness.
  2. Informal. something added to food to relieve blandness.
  3. Informal. an experience that increases enthusiasm or zeal, as a pep talk.

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Citations for pepper-upper
Good for a little pepper-upper, that's all. Fourteen, you got maybe a little flash of color. Ken Goddard, The Alchemist, 1997
Beer is a pepper-upper, making you chatty, charming, witty and urbane. Wine is a settle-downer. A couple of large reds and you’re feeling sleepy, already dreading tomorrow morning’s fuzzy head. Michael Hogan, "Why men don't drink wine in pubs," Telegraph, May 3, 2014
Origin of pepper-upper
Pepper-upper entered English in the 1930s from the expression pep up, an Americanism from the early 1900s.