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Monday, March 30, 2015

Definitions for funambulist

  1. a tightrope walker.

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Citations for funambulist
…after a week there had been an office crisis. The cabaret editor died on the job, in an incident involving a French funambulist and seven live eels (one of which was in flames). Will Self, Cock and Bull, 1992
James Marsh's Man on Wire told the extraordinary story of Philippe Petit, a French street performer and funambulist who staged a tightrope walk between the South and North Towers of the World Trade Centre on August 7, 1974. Paul Whitington, "Film: Stories from the Big Apple," Irish Independent, January 1, 2015
Origin of funambulist
Funambulist came to English in the late 1700s from the Latin fūnambulus meaning "ropedancer."