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Friday, April 10, 2015

Definitions for galenical

  1. an herb or other vegetable drug, distinguished from a mineral or chemical drug.
  2. a crude drug, tincture, or decoction, distinguished from a preparation that has been refined.

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Citations for galenical
It wasn't his, in the sense that he carried it about full of rectangular bottles and lovely nook felt-lined compartments for pills and Galenical 'simples', as his preparations were called. Jonathan Gash, The Judas Pair, 1977
Primitive health care recommended "dietary measures, complex galenical drugs, hot baths, purgation, vomiting, and bloodletting to the point of fainting" and many doctors labeled it "as a type of melancholia (i.e. a disease due to an excess of black bile), whereas Paul of Nicaea classified it as a type of mania." Ryan Jacobs, "How Do Psychiatrists Treat Werewolves?" Pacific Standard, March 13, 2014
Origin of galenical
Galenical is an eponym based on the Greek physician and writer, Galen of Pergamum. It entered English in the mid-1600s.