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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Definitions for grubstake

  1. money or other assistance furnished at a time of need or of starting an enterprise.
  2. provisions, gear, etc., furnished to a prospector on condition of participating in the profits of any discoveries.
  3. to furnish with a grubstake: I grubstaked him to two mules and supplies enough for five months.

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Citations for grubstake
He stands up when she hands him the address she's just written on the shelter letterhead. "This'll be my grubstake," he says, folding the paper into his pocket. Mary McGarry Morris, The Last Secret, 2009
"...A lot of those men out there would do for a grubstake." "A what?" "A grubstake. You give them equipment and food, and they'll help you put up your building and offer you a percentage of what they take from the ground..." William W. Johnstone, Trail of the Mountain Man, 1987
Origin of grubstake
Grubstake is an Americanism that arose in the mid-1800s. It is a combination of the words grub, meaning "food; victuals," and stake, meaning "a monetary or commercial interest in something."