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Friday, April 17, 2015

Definitions for bunkum

  1. insincere speechmaking by a politician intended merely to please local constituents.
  2. insincere talk; claptrap; humbug.

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Citations for bunkum
"I know a chap," said Beastly, "an American called Brown, who knows everybody who is anybody. I'll tackle him, and I am sure he'll take it on. But"—he held out a warning forefinger—"no bunkum, you know." William Gerhardie, The Polyglots, 1925
Then he thought of the powerful brassière dream—explain that, if it was all bunkum. Rohinton Mistry, Family Matters, 2002
Origin of bunkum
Bunkum, an Americanism, entered English during the 16th Congress, held in 1819–1821. The term was modeled after a speech given by Felix Walker, who said he was bound to speak for Buncombe, the North Carolina county in the district he represented.