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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Definitions for mirepoix

  1. a flavoring made from diced vegetables, seasonings, herbs, and sometimes meat, often placed in a pan to cook with meat or fish.
  2. finely chopped vegetables, as onions and carrots, sometimes with meat, often used as a bed for meat that is to be braised.

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Citations for mirepoix
After you have removed the crayfish from the bowl, cook them quickly in a traditional mirepoix. N. M. Kelby, White Truffles in Winter, 2012
The mirepoix in this kitchen was never prepared properly. This was exactly the way it should be done. Monica Ali, In the Kitchen, 2009
Origin of mirepoix
Mirepoix is an eponym for the Duke of Mirepoix, a French diplomat, whose chef prepared vegetables in this style. It entered English in the 1870s.