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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Definitions for credence

  1. belief as to the truth of something: to give credence to a claim.
  2. something giving a claim to belief or confidence: letter of credence.
  3. Also called credence table, credenza. Ecclesiastical. a small side table, shelf, or niche for holding articles used in the Eucharist service.

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Citations for credence
Only from certain closely confidential friends of Willett and the senior Ward have any clues been gained, and even these are too wildly fantastic for general credence. H. P. Lovecraft, "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward," Weird Tales, 1941
What I mustn't do is give the wrong kind of credence to the apparent fact that, at the age of thirty-six, I find myself in the position of being unable to easily identify two people who know me well enough to plausibly and candidly state that I'm a sufficiently O.K. human being for the purpose of living in close vicinity to others. Joseph O'Neill, "The Referees," The New Yorker, September 1, 2014
Origin of credence
Credence shares its origin with word credible in the Latin verb crēdere meaning "to believe." It entered English in the 1300s.