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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Definitions for geminate

  1. Also, geminated. combined or arranged in pairs; twin; coupled.
  2. to make or become doubled or paired.
  3. Phonetics. a doubled consonant sound.

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Citations for geminate
The twins are a complete organism: they speak their own language, "Aeolian" (named after Aeolus, the wind god); their abiding interest is in their private game of Bep -- "the great geminate game" of lying entwined, head to tail, in an echo of their position in the womb. Salman Rushdie, "The Stuff of Marvels," New York Times, October 4, 1981
Spacious windows alternated with narrower ones, single or geminate, and some of these were of frosted glass. Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory, 1966
Origin of geminate
Geminate is related to the Latin word for "twin," geminus. It entered English in the late 1500s.