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Friday, May 22, 2015

Definitions for sudser

  1. Informal. any movie, play, or the like that is designed to provoke a tearful response.
  2. Informal. a soap opera.

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Citations for sudser
If it's the autumn-leaves season, there will be an Oscar-bound high-sudser (Mid-Life Weekend) about a man (woman) having one last fling, or possibly even something Serious, something from the empyreal heights, a picture the Industry Can Be Proud Of--a deluxe adaptation of a famous play or novel, starring Meryl Streep. David Denby, "Can the Movies Be Saved?" New York, July 21, 1986
Part sudser for the Danielle Steel set, and part sociopolitical education for the Latin American studies majors (of which I was once one), The Invisible Mountain is that rare breed: a smart commercial “woman’s book” that might indeed cross over that commercial literary line. Sara Nelson, "South American Dreamers," The Daily Beast, July 28, 2009
Origin of sudser
The term sudser arose in the 1960s. Its root word, suds, entered English meaning "dregs" or, perhaps, "flood water."