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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Definitions for middling

  1. mediocre; ordinary; commonplace; pedestrian: The restaurant's entrées are no better than middling.
  2. medium, moderate, or average in size, quantity, or quality: The returns on such a large investment may be only middling.
  3. Older Use. in fairly good health.

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Citations for middling
…what mattered most, as I came to realize, was who'd lived in Vegas the longest, which was why the knockdown Mexican beauties and itinerant construction heirs sat alone at lunch while the bland, middling children of local realtors and car dealers were the cheerleaders and class presidents, the unchallenged elite of the school. Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch, 2013
Her father was Judge Shirley of Missouri, so Belle had a little education, played the piano fair to middling, and paid Mama to tutor her in this and that. Peter Matthiessen, Shadow Country, 2008
Origin of middling
late Middle English
Middling started to be used as an adjective in the mid-1400s, though it was used as a noun meaning "something intermediate or in the middle" in Old English.