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Monday, June 15, 2015

Definitions for definiens

  1. something that defines, especially the defining part of a dictionary entry.
  2. Logic. an expression in terms of which another may be adequately defined.

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Citations for definiens
One of them requires that the definiens (that is, words or terms which are used to define a particular word or term) must be more clear than the definiendum (the word or term being defined). Mohd Zaidi bin Ismail, "Clarity in thought for understanding," The Star, June 7, 2011
The definiens is not itself the meaning of the definiendum; rather, it is the group of words that symbolizes (or that is supposed to symbolize) the same meaning as the definiendum. Patrick J. Hurley, A Concise Introduction to Logic, Twelfth Edition, 2008
Origin of definiens
Definiens came to English in the late 1800s from the Latin dēfīnīre meaning "to limit, define."