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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Definitions for swashbuckler

  1. a swaggering swordsman, soldier, or adventurer; daredevil.

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Citations for swashbuckler
I would not give much for that man's life. The hand of every swashbuckler in the empire would be against him. A.B. Mitford, “Kazuma's Revenge,” Tales of Old Japan, 1871
There are inspirations (rather than borrowings) from the other movie forms, including the swashbuckler with its captive and endangered princess, the monster film with its creatures both good and evil, and almost any form with its second male lead wavering between cynicism and idealism but making the right choice in the very nick of time. Denise Florez, "‘Salty squatty robots’: Read the original ‘Star Wars’ review in L.A. Times," Los Angeles Times, April 16, 2015
Origin of swashbuckler
Swashbuckler came to English in the mid-1500s. The swash element of this word references the noise of a sword as it moves through the air and strikes a target.