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Friday, July 10, 2015

Definitions for capriole

  1. a caper or leap.
  2. Manège. a movement in which the horse jumps up with its forelegs well drawn in, kicks out with its hind legs in a horizontal position in the air, and then lands again on the same spot.
  3. to execute a capriole.

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Citations for capriole
'The thought has occurred to me,' Mia giggled, sounding more her old self, 'although I was thinking more along the lines of Scully performing a capriole to send the bridegroom into orbit.' Fiona Walker, The Summer Wedding, 2013
When Father said precocious it sounded wrong, like a walrus performing a capriole. David Logan, Half-Sick Of Shadows, 2012
Origin of capriole
Capriole is related to the more common English word caper. They both stem from the Latin word referring to a male goat.