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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Definitions for allegiant

  1. loyal; faithful.
  2. a faithful follower; adherent: allegiants of religious cults.

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Citations for allegiant
As they work hard at defining themselves as different from their parents and most other over-thirties, as they become increasingly allegiant to their peer group and push for greater autonomy, young adolescents almost inevitably get into conflict with their moms and dads over much of the business of daily life. Kenneth Rubin with Andrea Thompson, The Friendship Factor, 2002
The allegiant pair of Yankee ladies moved to England, where Alice died of a breast tumor in 1892 at the age of forty-three, attended at her deathbed by her devoted brother Henry, whose secrets she took to her grave. Richard Liebmann-Smith, The James Boys, 2008
Origin of allegiant
Allegiant comes from the word allegiance and the combining form -ant, which forms adjectives and nouns from verbs, as in the word servant.