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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Definitions for scop

  1. an Old English bard or poet.

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Citations for scop
As a child, he'd sought out the tales told in the marketplace or in the ancient songs, passed down from one scop to another, that told of sorcery and the strange powers of the witchroad. Katharine Kerr, The Black Raven, 1999
The hero is expected to be boastful because he has earned this right and in both the Táin and Beowulf boasting is the way that the hero can achieve immortality through songs written about him by the bard-scop-poet. Randy Lee Eickhoff, The Raid, 1997
Origin of scop
Scop is an Old English term that has been in the language since before 900. It is likely related to the Old High German word skof meaning "derision."