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Friday, July 31, 2015

Definitions for saurian

  1. resembling a lizard.
  2. belonging or pertaining to the Sauria, a group of reptiles originally including the lizards, crocodiles, and several extinct forms but now technically restricted to the lizards.
  3. a saurian animal, as a dinosaur or lizard.

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Citations for saurian
The one trait linking him with the actual was the fixity with which his small saurian eye held the pocket that, as I entered, had yielded a lira to the gatekeeper's child. Edith Wharton, Crucial Instances, 1901
Mutant versions of the past struggle for dominance; new species of fact arise, and old, saurian truths go to the wall, blindfolded and smoking last cigarettes. Salman Rushdie, Shame, 1983
Origin of saurian
Saurian comes from the New Latin word Sauria, meaning "an order of reptiles," and the suffix -an occurring in adjectives borrowed from Latin. Dinosaur comes from the Anglicized stem of this word.