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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Definitions for heliolatry

  1. worship of the sun.

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Citations for heliolatry
In Ireland, too, it can be shown that heliolatry persisted from prehistoric times until long after the introduction of Christianity, and was even blended with Christianity. Roger Sherman Loomis, Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance, 1927
But so long as the sun shone the Corporal of the Wards firmly refused to let them abandon the field; the outdoor exposure was on the M.O.'s orders and the scene of heliolatry had been agreed to in conference with the adjutant and the RSM… Earle Birney, Turvey, 1949
Origin of heliolatry
Heliolatry derives from the Greek term hḗlios meaning "sun," and latreía meaning "service, worship." The suffix -latry is used in formation of words denoting worship of the root element, such as idolatry.