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Monday, August 17, 2015

Definitions for brickbat

  1. an unkind or unfavorable remark; caustic criticism: The critics greeted the play with brickbats.
  2. a piece of broken brick, especially one used as a missile.
  3. any rocklike missile.

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Citations for brickbat
Arthur J. Goldberg was greeted by many bouquets and a single brickbat today as he pledged to serve fairly and without bias as a Supreme Court Justice. , "Goldberg Is Hailed by Senators; Promises to Be Fair as a Jusice," New York Times, September 12, 1962
Not only does the new Queen Mary building point towards a fresh and confident future for hospital design, it is also doing wonders for the reputation of its architect, the flamboyant Will Alsop, whose toy-like “blobitecture” and mad-hatter plans for reviving towns in northern England with designs that resemble, among other things, Marge Simpson’s hairdo, have earned him as many brickbats as plaudits. Jonathan Glancey, "Mr Blobby goes to hospital," The Guardian, June 6, 2005
Origin of brickbat
Brickbat entered English as a term for a missile made out of a piece of brick. In this formation, bat means "any fragment of brick or hardened clay." Brickbat entered English in the mid-1500s.