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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Definitions for xeriscaping

  1. environmental design of residential and park land using various methods for minimizing the need for water use.

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Citations for xeriscaping
The homes were big, and all three looked exactly alike: sand-colored stucco, red, Mexican-tile roofs, natural desert xeriscaping in the front, and backyards with peanut-shaped pools enclosed by black wrought-iron fences. Mark Jude Poirier, "Cul-de-sacs," Naked Pueblo, 1999
The regional water authority has a long-running Xeriscaping program, which pays people to remove turf and has been copied in other Western cities, and one result is that Las Vegas today uses less water than it did fifteen years ago. David Owen, "Where the River Runs Dry," The New Yorker, May 25, 2015
Origin of xeriscaping
Xeriscaping emerged in the 1980s. The word xeric means "of, relating to, or adapted to a dry environment," and is derived from the Greek term xērós meaning "dry."
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