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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Definitions for astraphobia

  1. Psychiatry. an abnormal fear of thunder and lightning.

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Citations for astraphobia
Julie was an anxious child with a number of phobias, not only a fear of thunder and lightning (Astraphobia, murmured Dr. Gibraltar) but also a fear of lightning bugs and any other bioluminescent creatures that might light up anywhere near her… Katharine Weber, True Confections, 2010
Thunderstorms are a classic feature of spring rolling into summer, making it an unsettling time of year for sufferers of astraphobia—a fear of thunder and lightning. Gabrielle Monaghan, "Unlucky strike is an unlikely event," The Sunday Times, May 24, 2015
Origin of astraphobia
Astraphobia comes to English from the Greek astrapḗ meaning "lightning," and phobos meaning "fear."
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