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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Definitions for ogdoad

  1. the number eight.
  2. a group of eight.

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Citations for ogdoad
The monad, [that is,] the one tittle, is therefore, he says, also a decade. For by the actual power of this one tittle, are produced duad, and triad, and tetrad, and pentad, and hexad, and heptad, and ogdoad, and ennead, up to ten. For these numbers, he says, are capable of many divisions, and they reside in that simple and uncompounded single tittle of the iota. Hippolytus (170–235), The Refutation of All Heresies, translated by J. H. MacMahon, 1851
Furthermore, the Pythagorean brotherhood believed that clear traces of the octad or ogdoad can be found in the heavens: there are eight spheres of the heavenly bodies, and there are eight circles that astronomers most need to understand. DeAnna Emerson, Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind, 1996
Origin of ogdoad
Ogdoad came to English from the Late Latin in the early 1600s and ultimately derives from the Greek ógdoos meaning "eighth."