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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Definitions for mundane

  1. common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative.
  2. of or relating to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly: mundane affairs.
  3. of or relating to the world, universe, or earth.

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Citations for mundane
Their mutual antagonism, once a joke, a performance for the benefit of others, had slowly become, through being ritualised in that way, a mundane reality. Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting, 1993
He changed his seat, moving closer to the projector and the sound, gripping the armrests when the tortures began, horror made mundane by the innocuous ordinariness of shirtsleeves, tweezers, soda bottles, eyedroppers, file cabinets, time clocks, cigarette lighters, saws. Toni Cade Bambara, Those Bones Are Not My Child, 1999
Origin of mundane
Mundane came to English in 1400s from the Latin mundānus meaning "of or belonging to the world; earthly."