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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Definitions for lycanthrope

  1. a werewolf or alien spirit in the physical form of a bloodthirsty wolf.
  2. a person affected with lycanthropy.

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Citations for lycanthrope
History hangs heavy in Idsworth's Saxon church; the building is over 950 years old and a still-colourful fresco from 1330 lights up the north wall, depicting the 7th-century Belgian saint ministering to a lycanthrope, or wolf-man. Paul Bloomfield, "Shipwrights Way: 50 miles of bucolic cycling bliss," The Guardian, June 14, 2014
A conference about werewolves is being staged by a university, offering participants the chance to explore the creatures' cultural significance and meet real wolves. So who are the people interested in spending three days learning about all things lycanthrope? Jodie Smith, “Werewolf conference: The people seeking 'the company of wolves,'” BBC News, September 4, 2015
Origin of lycanthrope
Lycanthrope comes from the Greek word lykánthrōpos meaning "wolf-man."