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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Definitions for barghest

  1. a legendary doglike goblin believed to portend death or misfortune.

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Citations for barghest
In Craven, from the castle to the cot, / That is not vocal with my deeds. My name / Will still the wayward child, when that of Barghest / Hath lost its spell. Robert Story, The Outlaw, 1839
“Nay, you must not ask me; all I know is he came dashing in here one night scared out of his wits almost, and swore he had seen a barghest or something on the moor, just as he has told to-night.” Charles Dickens, "A Moorland Mystery," All the Year Round, December 22, 1858
Origin of barghest
Barghest most likely stems from a combination of barrow, meaning "an artificial mound, especially over a grave," and ghest, an Old English variant of ghost.