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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Definitions for ferhoodle

  1. Chiefly Pennsylvania German Area. to confuse or mix up: Don't ferhoodle the things in that drawer.

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Citations for ferhoodle
Honestly, what I'm learning ferhoodles me at times, trying to understand how these English think. Beverly Lewis, The Brethren, 2006
Sometimes Lancashire and Yorkshire signs stand side by side. This confusion might ferhoodle a visitor from LANK-aster, Pennsylvania. Jack Brubaker, "What's in a pronunciation? Two Brits say 'Lancaster' differently," Lancaster New Era, August 19, 2003
Origin of ferhoodle
Ferhoodle comes from the Pennsylvania German term verhuddle meaning "to tangle" and is related to the German word verhudeln meaning "to bungle, botch."
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