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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Definitions for mauka

  1. Hawaii. toward the mountains; inland.

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Citations for mauka
You learned what all the island people know, about how to go mauka, toward the mountains in the middle of the island, and how to go makai, toward the ocean lying all around. Kathleen Tyau, A Little Too Much Is Enough, 1995
My driver explained that few Honolulu streets run north-south or east-west, and directions are thus usually expressed as mauka, toward the inland; makai, toward the sea; waikiki, toward Diamond Head; and ewa, toward the Ewa district Northwest of Honolulu. Richard S. Prather, Dance with the Dead, 1960
Origin of mauka
Mauka is a Hawaiian term formed from the directional particle ma- and uka meaning "inland, upland." It entered English in the late 1800s.