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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Definitions for saporific

  1. producing or imparting flavor or taste.

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Citations for saporific
My life has settled in here; I go to the sea with my "men," and often cook us lunch on the beach, which they invariably declare most saporific. Bruce Wagner, I'll Let You Go, 2002
To borrow from M.F.K. Fisher, consider the oyster. Slurping a supple, sopping, saporific oyster from its shell is one of the most sensuous of gastronomic pleasures… Robert L. Wolke, “Lusty Appetites,” Washington Post, February 14, 2007
Origin of saporific
Saporific stems from the Latin word sapor meaning "savor." The combining form -fic means "making," "producing," "causing," and appears in adjectives borrowed from Latin.
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