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Friday, November 13, 2015

Definitions for inconnu

  1. a person who is unknown; stranger.
  2. Also called sheefish. a game fish, Stenodus leucichthys, of fresh or brackish northern waters.

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Citations for inconnu
Hers is the one mask that has no name. She's known simply as the Inconnue, the unknown woman of the Seine. Jeremy Grange, “Resusci Anne and L'Inconnue: The Mona Lisa of the Seine,” BBC News, October 16, 2013
Serres is modest about the size of his French audience, but at Stanford, humility is unnecessary: In most quarters, he is an inconnu, although he has been a member of its faculty for nearly 30 years. Cynthia Haven, "Michel Serres, one of France's 'immortels,' tells the 'grand récit' at Stanford," Stanford News, May 27, 2009
Origin of inconnu
Inconnu comes from the French term of the same spelling, which literally means "unknown." It shares a Latin root with cognition defined as "the act or process of knowing."
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