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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Definitions for gormandize

  1. to eat greedily or ravenously.
  2. unrestrained enjoyment of fine foods, wines, and the like.

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Citations for gormandize
Where are ye trooping to now? back to the kitchen to gormandize and guzzle? Charles Maturin, Melmoth the Wanderer, 1820
Most of us prefer taking the time required for eating and we gladly accept stomach aches rather than to give up the food we love so well, but we are all learning not to gormandize. Marjorie Wrenn, "Our Nineteen-Twenty Thanksgiving Feast," The Forecast, November, 1920
Origin of gormandize
Gormandize comes from the French term gourmand meaning "a person who is fond of good eating."