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Friday, December 18, 2015

Definitions for eudemonic

  1. pertaining or conducive to happiness.
  2. pertaining to eudemonics or eudemonism.

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Citations for eudemonic
Philosophers have long held that we can distinguish between eudemonic experience, or a striving towards meaning and purpose that underlies human beings' capacity to engage in complex social and cultural behavior, in contrast to the striving for more hedonic or simply pleasurable experience. Michael Friedman, "Would a Year of Voluntary Public Service Bring Out America's Best?" Huffington Post, March 11, 2015
Oh, Mabel, if I could express my thoughts as they came to me this morning while you were in that beatific mood, let me call it! The eudemonic pleasure that came over me as I gazed upon that sleeping face… Harry Lorenzo Chapin, The Adoption and Other Sketches, Poems and Plays, 1909
Origin of eudemonic
Eudemonic stems from the Greek word eudaímōn meaning "fortunate, happy." It entered English in the early 1800s.