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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Definitions for kvell

  1. Slang. to be extraordinarily pleased; especially, to be bursting with pride, as over one's family.

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Citations for kvell
Display some heart. Stop whining. Show some character. Grow up. Talk to me about our gone days. Give me something to kvell over. Colum McCann, Thirteen Ways of Looking, 2015
From Imogene's, Wally went straight over to Derek's so that he could kvell over his achievement and also help Derek set up a wireless webcam because Derek wanted to be able to check the progress of his tomato plants whenever he left home. Patricia Marx, Starting from Happy, 2011
Origin of kvell
Kvell is an Americanism with roots in the Yiddish term kveln meaning "be delighted." It entered English in the 1960s.