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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Definitions for cineaste

  1. any person, especially a director or producer, associated professionally with filmmaking.
  2. an aficionado of filmmaking.

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Citations for cineaste
…Mr. Jones remains rigidly focused on hammering home the director François Truffaut’s motivation for writing the 1966 book on which this film is based: To lead Hitchcock, then widely considered a mere commercial entertainer, out of the shoals of populism and into the cineaste spotlight. Jeannette Catsoulis, "Review: 'Hitchcock/Truffaut' Revisits the Master of Suspense," New York Times, December 1, 2015
Poets, painters, writers… have the relative privilege of creating in solitude… The problem for the cineaste is that the prejudices, the prohibitions, the social taboos are barriers that he has to contend with prematurely, before he begins to work. Mario Vargas Llosa, translated by John King, "Luis Buñuel: A Festival of Excellent Bad Films," Making Waves: Essays, 1996
Origin of cineaste
Cineaste comes from the French cinéaste. It entered English in the early 1900s.